What Is Overlanding?

Overlanding is a relatively new phenomenon in the United States. In essence, overlanding is a fusion of camping and off-roading, combining elements of each to form a distinct automotive/outdoor hobby.  While it may be new to Americans, overlanding has been popular on other continents for decades.  Overlanding has its origins in the Australian outback, where early overland routes were formed to facilitate intracontinental travel and trade. It evolved first from horseback and then to rail, before it was finally mechanized for motorcyles and automobiles.

Nowadays, Overlanding is done more for recreation than necessity. Yes, Overlanding is sometimes referred to as “car camping,” but it goes much deeper than that.  Overlanding is built upon the spirit of adventure and self-reliance—the idea of travelling into the wilderness, carrying only the essential gear for whatever you expect to encounter.  An overland trip might be a simple off-the-grid weekend, or a months-long excursion to a remote destination.  But perhaps what truly separates overlanding from camping, is the role your transportation plays in the adventure…

source: onallcylinders.com

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